A full day with a particular tie to anesthesiology.

Long administered ether anesthesia to a patient and after that operated to eliminate a tumor from the man’s neck. Afterwards, the patient would swear that he felt nothing during the surgery and wasn’t aware the medical procedures was over until he awoke Doctors Time celebrates Dr. Long’s historical achievement and the continued efforts of physicians to alleviate human being suffering and improve affected person safety. Without the attempts of Dr. Long, the miracles of modern medication and surgery as we know them wouldn’t normally exist, said ASA president Alexander Hannenberg, M.D. Anesthesiologists possess continued to create medical and research developments, creating a specialty made up of highly trained physicians whose background in advancing patient safety is usually unparalleled.The brief tutorial video is at and also on The ACMG Channel on YouTube at.

Travel Time May Hamper Follow-Up Chemo, Research Says: – MONDAY, Aug. 24, 2015 – – The farther they have to travel, the not as likely cancer individuals are to receive follow-up chemotherapy after medical procedures, a new study finds. This kind of treatment, called adjuvant chemotherapy, is recommended for most patients after surgery to lessen the opportunity of cancer returning. This study viewed 34 nearly,700 patients over the USA who had surgery for colon cancer, and discovered that nearly 76 % received adjuvant chemotherapy within 90 days of surgery.