If possess nausea, then you should ask your physician whether you should swallow this medication or not. Apart from this, abdominal pain can also happen and that means you should take the proper medication. Generally, bleeding takes place as as the girl has swallowed the pill soon. The motto behind usage of this pill is that it can help in breaking the liner of the uterus of female so that the treatment of abortion can begin. This may cause cramping and heavy bleeding. So, you should be careful here. Dizziness, fatigue and weakness are a number of the side effects of the pill. There are such ladies, who have experienced fever and chills after consumption of this pill.In reality, both groups of people are bombarded with the same array of anxious thoughts, but the difference is that the latter will not react to it with strong fearful emotions or thoughts. In nature, they’re able to dismiss the thoughts or laugh it off and have a sense of trust that things will work out just fine. While the former group of people may feel that they are by nature an anxious person and that they will always react with fear to these thoughts because they have done so for many years.