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Early pimple prevention is still needed so that we don’t need to go through these expensive, worrying procedures.. Pimples Scar Removal in the 21st Century: Heading Beyond Herbal Treatments Acne scar removal in the old days can be as basic as applying salves created from plant juices in affected areas. Arrive to think of it, many people in the early era are not as worried about scars as we are actually probably. The great thing about surviving in the 21st century is that almost every kind of skin problem has a solution. Thanks in no small component to technology. Modern pimples scar removal methods are actually available to get rid of the marks left by serious zits with simply but a few classes.* Vinegar is also useful in cleaning the scalp , cleaning the blockages and pores to activate wellness of your scalp pores and skin. 5. ESSENTIAL OLIVE OIL. Olive oil functions as a stimulant and initial hair growth always, hot virgin olive oil massages are the best natural treatments for dandruff. Hot oil massages stimulate bloodstream circulation and help you to get rid of the dryness. * Apply Luke warm virgin essential olive oil to your scalp, massage well. * Cover your mind with a popular wet towel to supply steam and further heat so the essential oil can be absorbed in a better way.