But refined sugar.

8,000 scientific papers link refined white sugar to chronic disease Among the worst things you can do to your body is certainly feed it sugar – – not necessarily natural sugar just like the kind found in fruit, but refined sugar. A team of scientists from the University of California in San Francisco recently pored through more than 8,000 scientific papers on what sugar affects the body and came to the conclusion that it not merely makes people excess fat but also makes them ill http://www.levitra-online.net/reviews . The project, which includes been dubbed SugarScience, exposes sugar as a major culprit in the formation of metabolic disease, which can result in conditions like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Lead author Laura Schmidt, a UCSF School of Medication professor, says her team’s findings are comprehensible – – sugar is highly toxic to the body and vital organs, including the liver.

‘IT enhancements in the health care system possess the potential to dramatically improve the effectiveness and basic safety of care, however we need to better understand the current determinants of secure practice to make sure we see a return on investments in these systems.’ The study program is the result of alarming statistics proving that patient basic safety is an evergrowing concern both within Australia and internationally. In Australia 10 per centof admissions to acute care hospitals are associated with an adverse event, nevertheless at least as much harm also takes place post-discharge with a million general practice incidents a 12 months demonstrating problems between, as well as within, the layers of health care in Australia.