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This crystal-clear product is free of dyes, too, so it won’t alter your color since it does its function to give you a healthy, shining head of hair. Aquage Transforming Paste-Pump may also help you to maintain your locks great looking during the day. It is a natural-keep shaping and molding paste which allows you to use your hands to shape your hairstyle. What could possibly be simpler than to work this flexible item through your hair together with your fingers? The non-greasy product may be used on dry or wet hair, and it will define your style for long-long lasting hold easily. Aquage Transforming Spray Extra Keep delivers the humidity resistance that you’ll require in winter or summertime.Similarly, low-income parents are more likely than higher-income parents to concur that afterschool programs have a responsibility to provide healthy food to their students. Among parents with a child within an afterschool program, low-income parents are more likely than higher-income parents to state that providing healthy meals was important when choosing their child's system . Opportunities for physical activity are important to African-American, Low-income and Hispanic parents. When asked about possibilities for physical activity, 71 % of African-American parents and 71 % of Hispanic parents record that it had been very important when selecting their kid's afterschool system.