It is believed to influence around 2000 people in the UK each full year.

Chemotherapy treatment does include some undesirable side effects. The main side-effect is that the medications used frequently kill some noncancerous cells too which makes you more vunerable to infections and can cause you to tire more easily. There are various other associated side effects which include hair thinning, nausea and diarrhoea. However, these depend upon the kind of chemotherapy medication being used. 3) RADIOTHERAPY: – This involves using high energy radiation beams to destroy the cancerous cells. Radiotherapy can be often used to relieve any undesirable symptoms but will often prove an effective treatment for mesothelioma. It can also be used to shrink the tumour before surgery treatment also to reduce the risk of the tumor returning after surgery.Patients can printing out a list of their own health priorities and share it with their clinicians during medical appointments. These features can be found at Developed pro bono for the Advertisement Council by Grey NY, the new television, radio, printing, outdoor and web ads the fact that consumers have options when buying clothes highlight, eating out, watching a movie or investing in a motor car and really should expect options when it comes to their health care. ‘This new campaign is a wonderful extension of our ongoing efforts with AHRQ to encourage Americans to take a more active function in their healthcare,’ said Peggy Conlon, cEO and president of the Ad Council. ‘These ads talk with a compelling insight – we look for options in just about any aspect of our lives, but we’re not always exploring all treatment options available when it comes to our health and wellness care.