Marianne Ewertz traitement pour ed.

Sarah C. Darby, Ph.D traitement pour ed ., Marianne Ewertz, D.M.Sc., Paul McGale, Ph.D., Anna M. Bennet, Ph.D., Ulla Blom-Goldman, M.D.N., Candace Correa, M.D., David Cutter, F.R.C.R., Giovanna Gagliardi, Ph.D., Bruna Gigante, Ph.D., Maj-Britt Jensen, M.Sc., Andrew Nisbet, Ph.D., Richard Peto, F.R.S., Kazem Rahimi, D.M., Carolyn Taylor, D.Phil., and Per Hall, Ph.D.: Risk of Ischemic CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE in Women after Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer Randomized trials show that radiotherapy for early-stage breast cancer can easily reduce the rates of recurrence and of death from breast cancer.1,2 However, long-term follow-up in a few trials shows that radiotherapy can increase the risk of ischemic heart disease also, presumably through incidental irradiation of the heart.1,3 Radiotherapy regimens for breasts cancer have changed because the women in these trials were irradiated, and the dosages of radiation to which the heart is exposed are actually generally lower.4 Nevertheless, generally in most women, the cardiovascular receives doses of 1 1 to 5 Gy still.