Stefan Zeuzem.

The estimated study sample size of 650 patients was calculated on the basis of the primary objective to supply a power of 90 percent. The calculation was performed by using a two-sided continuity-corrected chi-square check. A P value of 0.05 was considered to indicate statistical significance. Based on the results of the Protease Inhibition for Viral Evaluation 3 trial ,4 it had been estimated that virologic response rates with telaprevir will be 55 percent, in comparison with 29 percent in the control group, in patients who had a relapse and 30 percent versus 8 percent in sufferers who had simply no response or a partial response to previous therapy.Liquid drinking water has been found on Mars. As early as the 1960s, Earth telescopes found hints of drinking water vapor in Mars’s atmosphere. The true breakthrough came in 1971, however, when the Mariner 9 spacecraft began orbiting and photographing Mars. These photographs showed geological features that acquired obviously been sculpted by liquid, including valleys, canyons, riverbeds and canals. Every successive Mars objective added new evidence of drinking water, including frozen polar caps, rocks worn clean by water seemingly, permafrost-like patterns just beneath the surface dust and clumps of materials that vaporized when excavated even.