The experts say such women must have even more checks for stillbirth.

After age 40 pregnant mums have three times the risk of stillbirth According to researchers at Yale School of Medicine in the usa, women who have a baby when they are aged 40 or higher are three times more likely to see a stillbirth. The experts say such women must have even more checks for stillbirth. The researchers also discovered that fetal screening at 38 weeks gets the greatest influence at reducing stillbirth rates in older women. Older pregnant women are at more risk for a number of complications in pregnancy including gestational diabetes mellitus, preeclampsia, placenta previa and intrauterine development restriction and many of these circumstances have been connected with a higher rate of stillbirth.Though the news media has stopped talking about H1N1 Even, some pockets of the country continue to see new cases. To greatly help stop further pass on, or another outbreak, this year’s 2009 H1N1 stress will be contained in the 2010 seasonal flu vaccine. Related StoriesNew combination vaccine may reduce amount of injections for young childrenACP awarded $1,002,884 Cooperative Contract to increase adult immunization rates in USLax state vaccination laws influence immunization and disease outbreak prices This doesn’t mean that people who had H1N1 influenza shouldn’t get the vaccine; they should get it because it protects against two additional seasonal flu types also, which are contagious and can cause mild to serious illness, death even, said Maffeo.